3 Visual Benefits Of Backlit Fabric Displays For Trade Shows

27 April 2023
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When you plan a trade show display, you want to make a lasting impact on consumers and make your investment worth it. The displays you put out can make a big difference in consumers remembering your content and will help your company stand out. One way to stand out at a trade show is with backlit fabric displays.

Backlit fabric displays offer a number of visual benefits for trade shows besides easier-to-read text and graphic elements. Learn about these benefits and why you should consider a fabric display with backlighting for your next trade show.

1. No Glares From Other Displays

Other displays will likely use a wide arrangement of lights and designs. In some cases, the lights from those displays or the lights from the trade show location can create glares on standard banners and backdrops. If you rely on a backlit fabric display, you will eliminate most glares and can make the display really stand out.

Anyone who walks by the display will not miss the content and the display can be seen from a distance. The lights will help the display stand out and create a unique design element no matter what other lights are around you.

2. Stands Out On Social Media Posts

If people or other companies put up posts from the trade show, then your backlit fabric display could make an appearance in the background. The bright and vivid LED lights will help the backdrop stand out in photos and videos. Essentially, you could advertise your business and the detailed visuals online as well.

The posts can help expand your brand and reach much larger audiences than the ones in attendance. You could also create your own social media posts with the backdrop. The lighting will make the backdrop easy to capture and showcase through various posts.

3. Lighting Adjustments & Changes

With a backlit display, you can enhance visuals with various LED light settings. For example, if you want your logo to shine the brightest, then you could turn down the other LED lights as part of the display. If the display includes things like light designs or stars, then you can adjust to a blinking display that helps draw attention with different colored lights.

Once you order a backlit display, you can play around with the different settings to learn proper setup options and what settings you want to rely on. From there, you can enjoy a professional display for all of your future trade shows. 

For more info about backlit fabric displays, contact a local company.