Amazing Advantages Of Setting Up Channel Letter Signs On Commercial Property

10 February 2022
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Channel letter signs are one of the more popular sign options for commercial properties, especially when it comes to exterior signage. That's because they feature a bunch of benefits that companies can enjoy today. 

Added Dimension 

If you set up standard signs around commercial property, they probably rely on 2D designs and that's not ideal from a dynamic standpoint. If you really want to make sure company signs stand out on the exterior of your property, then consider channel letter signs in particular.

Each letter that's set up on your property will have a 3D nature and thus protrude out from your building. That's going to make the sign look more unique and also be easier to see for those that walk by your building. Additionally, you can choose how far these letters protrude outward depending on how many dimensions you're looking for.

Enhance Existing Signs

If you already have company signs on your commercial building, then you don't necessarily have to throw them out completely when looking to make upgrades. With channel letter signs, you can keep them in place most of the time.

Three-dimensional lettering can be placed over existing signs to complement them and make them stand out even more. You'll just need to work with a channel letter sign designer who can figure out how to incorporate the new sign elements in a way that's cohesive and makes sense long-term. Then old signage will get an impactful facelift so to speak.

Plenty of Lighting Options

One of the best things you can do to make commercial signage look more unique is to add lighting to it. Then what you display will pop and be seen by a lot more people more often times than not. Channel letter signs are great in this regard.

A bevy of lighting options can be incorporated into their design, including backlit, front-lit, and a mixture of both. You just need to see which lighting effects look best on your particular property. A channel letter sign company can help with this if you need added direction at any point.

If you're looking to choose signage for a commercial property, then one option you might want to consider is channel letter signage. It has a unique look, can be applied to many surfaces, and has so many customization options. As long as you design in a strategic way, this signage can really help you promote your company and the property it operates out of.

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