Three Businesses That Should Use Spinning Sidewalk Signs

19 October 2020
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Many different businesses put sidewalk signs in front of their locations upon opening their doors each day, with the hope that the sign will compel people to enter. A unique type of sidewalk sign is a spinning sign, which moves not from electricity, but from the breeze hitting it. Spinning sidewalk signs are effective because the movement that they generate can cause people to notice them. While it's easy to make a case for several different types of businesses to use this style of signage, there are some businesses for which a spinning sidewalk sign is especially a good idea.

Coffee Shops

While a lot of people have regular plans to visit a local coffee shop to buy a hot beverage and a snack, other people visit coffee shops more impulsively. If you run this type of eatery, you might have a flurry of customers first thing in the morning but experience less volume thereafter. In this scenario, it will be important to look at various methods of bringing customers through your doors after the morning rush. A spinning sidewalk sign — perhaps in the eye-catching shape of a coffee cup — can catch people's attention and make them begin to think about sipping a coffee, even if they weren't planning to buy a drink. Ideally, this will cause many people to enter and make a purchase.


Gyms are all about movement, so a spinning sidewalk sign can be a good type of signage because it rarely stays still. Someone who notices the sign because of its movement can take in the message on it — perhaps a message about low-price membership rates — and begin to think about the merits of working out. You can have fun with this type of sign by choosing an appropriate shape. For example, your custom sign company may be able to create this sign in the shape of a person running, which can be effective for your type of business.

Oil Change Centers

If you run an oil change center that doesn't require customers to make an appointment, you should look at different ways to compel people to visit you. A spinning sidewalk sign in front of your business should catch people's eyes when they sit at a traffic light in the area. Seeing this sign will make some motorists realize that they're overdue for an oil change and decide to visit you right away. Talk to your local custom sign producer to learn more about spinning sidewalk signs.