Using Signs To Market Your Real Estate Properties

2 June 2020
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Realty signs can be vital for allowing you to effectively market your properties to potential buyers. However, it can be a common mistake for new real estate agents to underestimate the range of choices and strategies that they will need to use when it comes to ordering and deploying their marketing signs.

Consider Opting For An A-Frame Sign

Opting for signs that have metal frames around them can allow the sign to be more durable over the weeks and months that it may be needed to advertise the property. However, individuals may overlook the benefits of an A-frame design. Rather than simply being inserted into the ground, these signs will have four legs that can allow the sign to be more stable while it is being displayed. These signs may also have small spikes on the legs that can be inserted into the ground for further stability, which can be useful for those that will be displaying these signs in areas that experience strong winds or storms on a regular basis.

Opt For Signs That Have Brochure Holders

Often, real estate agents will make it a point to have vital information about the property included on the sign. However, this can make it difficult for individuals to remember this information. One way to combat this is by using signs that are equipped with brochure holders. These small pockets will allow you to store documents that potential buyers can easily take with them. When choosing a type of brochure pouch, make sure that it is waterproof. Otherwise, these documents will be ruined after the first rain that moves through the area. Also, you should check these signs every week so that you will know whether more brochures need to be added. Failing to keep this pouch stocked with these documents can lead to a slower sales process due to potential buyers being unable to get the information that they need.

Keep A Record Of Where You Place The Signs

In order to maximize the attention that a property is receiving from potential buyers, it is common to place marketing signs throughout the neighborhood and surrounding area so that you can direct individuals to the property. Unfortunately, some real estate agents can forget to remove all of these signs, and this can lead to expensive fines. Whenever you are placing these signs, you should keep a journal that records the address or local landmark where the sign is placed. This will make it easy for you to quickly find and remove all of your marketing signs once the property has been sold to a buyer.

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