Three Professionals You Can Call Upon For Sign Repair Based On The Materials Used In Your Sign

3 June 2016
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If you have a storefront with signage, you do your best to keep the storefront in good condition, including cleaning and maintenance. Yet, what happens when vandals strike or an incredible storm with powerful winds bears down on you? You may be left with smashed glass, splintered or broken wood, or even broken metal and chains. You need your sign repaired, but who do you call? Here are three professionals that you can call upon to fix your sign, based on the type of materials that were used to make your sign.

A Carpenter

For the longest time, carpenters were the ones to make wooden signs to hang outside of stores, taverns and inns. It was only when people realized that signs could be made of other things, including more modern and more recent materials, that carpenters were no longer the "go-to" professional for sign repair. However, if you currently own a completely wooden sign, and it has been damaged or destroyed, you can call a carpenter to fix it. You may even want to call a carpenter to have your sign made over or revamped. 

Glass Specialist

Many storefronts are made of glass because this is where the big picture windows and the store displays are placed. In bistros and cafes, tables and chairs are scooted up to the windows so that patrons can watch everything and everyone else go by. If your storefront was glass, and now it is a shattered mess of dangerous shards, you can call a glass specialist to help clean up the broken remnants of your storefront and your glass signage. Then the glass specialist can install new glass and add new sign details to the glass, including glass paint, frosting, etching, window tinting to reduce heat and glare, lettering and so much more.

Mason or Exterior Cleaning Professional

Finally, some storefront signage uses flat tiles or chiseled and polished stone. If this was your store front and it has been chipped, cracked or painted on by vandals, you could call a mason. The mason can repair and replace the worst of the tiles or stone. As for paint damage, if the mason does not use a sandblaster or power washer to remove paint, then he/she can probably recommend another business who can help. You might have stone signage that requires a more gentle cleaning method to avoid losing your lettering, and an exterior cleaning professional would be the next person to talk to.