Things To Consider When Designing Custom Signs For Your Business

12 April 2016
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Whether you are starting a brand new business or you are simply trying to update your existing signs, you will want to make sure that you are taking the following points into consideration.

Use Large Print

It is important to make sure that you are using large print so that you will be able to grab as much attention as possible. If you are trying to put too much information on your sign, you will end up with a sign that no one will be able to read as they are driving down the road. Therefore, keep the message simple, the letters large, and the font bold. Only include the pertinent information, such as the name of your company, your phone number, and possibly your hours of operation if there is room for it. When you are having your custom sign order drafted, the printing company should be able to show you how your sign will look with the information you have asked to be put on it. This way, you can make final alterations before it goes to print.

Stick With Vibrant Colors

You do not want to use a lot of dull colors on your sign. You also do not want to use colors that are too similar, as it will then become too difficult for some people to read your sign. For example, you do not want a sign with a blue background with lettering that is a slightly different shade of blue. You need the background of the sign and the lettering to contrast as much as possible. If you need a little help deciding which color combination would be best, you could always ask for the advice of the professionals who run the custom sign shop that you will be using. They might even be able to show you samples of various color combinations so you can see firsthand how they will appear on your sign.

Use A Company Logo

If you have a company logo that will fit on your custom sign, you will want to make sure that you are using it. This way, if people that pass by your sign do not remember all of the information you have printed on it, they may be able to remember the logo, as pictures seem to be a lot easier for people to remember.

With those few tips in mind, you should have no trouble having the best possible custom sign created for your business. Contact a business, such as A 2 Z Signs, for more information.