Choosing The Right Sign For Your Business

16 February 2016
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If you're looking for a new sign for your business, then you have many options to consider. Beyond the size of the sign, you should consider the material and overall look. The sign that fits a homey, country diner isn't going to be the same sort of sign that fits in with an urban nightclub. Below is a list of popular types of signs and suggestions for what type of establishments they might work well with.

Hand-Carved Wooden Sign

A hand-carved wooden sign is a great way to give your store an authentic, country feel. These signs are great for country general stores, roadside diners, antique shops, and other small, rural businesses. If they are stained, then they can even be hung outdoors and be exposed to the elements. The only downside is that they are not visible at night unless you use a secondary light source to spotlight them. However, if your business is only open during the daytime, then a wooden sign would be perfect.

Neon Sign

For bars and nightclubs, a neon sign is perfect. It is designed for maximum nighttime visibility, and it gives your place a cool vibe. The neon design can incorporate many different fonts, drawings, and colors. If you're looking to splash the name of your place up in bright, colorful lights, then nothing's better than neon.

LED Sign

If you like the idea of a sign that is visible at night, but need to be able to change what the sign says, then you should consider an LED sign. Unlike a neon sign, you can change the sign's message whenever you want. Granted, the signs are not as eye-catching as a neon sign, but if you're looking to have a sign that depicts a daily menu, weekly events, or anything else that is non-static, then an LED display is a perfect choice. A sports bar that needs to advertise which games will be shown that week is a great example of a place that would benefit from an LED-based sign.

Painted Storefront Glass Design

If your store doesn't have ample space for a large overhead sign, or you just prefer something a little less obtrusive, then consider a painted storefront glass design. These are great for coffee shops and small boutiques. If your store is on a main street where there is a lot of foot traffic, then these signs are perfect. They don't have great visibility from a distance, but are excellent for close exposure. Another benefit is that they are very inexpensive when compared to large banner signs. Contact a company like Cardinal Sign for more information.