Information To Use On Your Banners That Will Lead To Sales

7 January 2016
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When a customer looks at the average sign, they only have a short period before they are distracted by something else. If the goal of your vinyl sign is to persuade your customer to purchase a product, you should be aware of the techniques that are the most likely to generate excitement and lead to a sale.

The Biggest Problem Your Customer Faces

Think about the biggest problem that your customer would want to solve. Once you have identified this, remind your customer of the problem and place the solution on display, briefly and concisely.

An Explanation Of How Easy Your Service Is

Another approach is to highlight how easy it would be for consumers to use your product. For example, if you offer a massage service, use your banner to inform the customer that they can walk in and have a massage immediately.

A Major Objection You Have Swept Away

Think about a major barrier that may cause your customer to choose not to shop at your business. As an example, you may have previously required a security deposit or 50% upfront for a service. If you are eliminating this requirement, a vinyl banner can deliver the message.

Useful Information That Isn't Hyperbolic

Grab attention, but do not come on too strong. You will want to highlight the information that you want your customer to see the most. However, you do not want to use artificial excitement. For example, saying "our products are flying off the shelves" may not be effective because customers will already assume that you may be exaggerating to grab their attention. If you slash the price by 50%, this is much more likely to excite your customer.

Good Humor

Use humor only if it is really funny. If you add a little humor that must customers will appreciate, you will more likely stick in your customer's mind and you will also endear yourself to many customers. However, if your jokes aren't funny, you'll simply be wasting space that could better be used with other information. The best solution is to hire a writer experienced with incorporating humor into advertising.

Contact Information

Never forget to include contact information. The best option is a URL that is easy-to-remember. However, if you don't have such a URL, include an easy-to-remember phone number or an address. Sometimes, your customer will prefer to research you before returning. But if you do not make this easy, your customer may forget about you.

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