4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Church Sign

13 November 2015
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If your church needs a new sign, there are multiple options available. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a church sign for purchase:

Purpose of the Sign

Will the sign only be used as a communicative tool to display inspirational messages or service times? If the sign will be used solely as a finisher to make the church property look more complete or aesthetically appealing, it will not have same requirements. 

The intended purpose of the sign should determine the type of sign used. For instance, if the sign is used to communicate inspirational messages to people in the area who may be driving by it, you may want to consider a scrolling sign or one with a changeable letter board. Many people may be curious about the beliefs and vision of the church. The sign allows the church leadership to project the vision of the church to potential parishioners in a non-confrontational manner.

Electronic signage with a moving display can quickly capture the attention of people nearby and advise them of service times. In addition, the versatility of electronic signage has expanded to display realistic video, so there are few limitations with this type of sign. You can even display short video clips of guest ministers.

If the sign is used as a decorative tool, you may choose only to display the church name on it. However, the color scheme of the sign should flow seamlessly with the building style and outdoor decor.


Church budget is always a consideration when purchasing a church sign. However, as long as your church is financially healthy with a steady stream of contributions, payment plans may be available.


Although it may seem easy to estimate the size of the sign that you will need, be sure to measure the space that will house the sign before you make your selection. From the ground, it can be difficult to accurately measure a space that is 20 feet or more in the air. In addition, most signs are customized and may not be refundable if you order the wrong dimensions.


Consider the lighting around your worship building when selecting a sign. If the area is dimly lit, consider a sign with backlighting, especially if you have services or events that occur after dark. You can choose pre-lit lettering or a fully back-lit sign. 

Church signage is often the way that a member of your community is introduced to your place of worship. If your church needs a new sign, contact a local sign expert, like DeMars Signs, today.