Making A Custom Sidewalk Sign For Your Business: What To Include

5 November 2015
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A sidewalk sign is a convenient way to promote your business without having to brandish your windows or storefront with lots of advertising. Commonly referred to as an 'A-frame' sign, a sidewalk sign is beneficial in its versatility. For starters, this kind of sign is portable, which means you can set it up and take it down whenever you want, or even move it indoors for in-store advertising. A sidewalk sign can also house a custom message that you can change whenever you want. When you are making a custom sidewalk sign for your business, make sure to include the right messages and images so you can gain customer attention.

Call-to-action verbiage

A sidewalk sign is designed to attract customer attention by people who are walking by, so it must say something more than 'Sale today!' Sure, customers know there is a sale, but what is on sale, and why is the sale so important to them? Make sure your custom sign uses call-to-action verbiage, such as:

  • Friday sale- all (insert product here) 50% off
  • New customers receive a waiver on enrollment fees
  • Seasonal Sale- all (insert season here) products must go- ends today

and so on. Your custom sign should always include an urgency for customers who weren't already seeking your business so they feel like they are actually missing out on something if they don't venture in.

Contact information

Just because your custom sidewalk sign is right outside your establishment doesn't mean you shouldn't include your social media outlets, website name, and phone number on it. Why? Because some curious passersby may be too busy to walk into your business right away, but will take a few seconds to snap a photo of your sign so they can refer to your business's website or phone number later.

Curiosity-piquing design

There is a reason why some businesses blow up giant balloons or have those wavy, creepy wind-dancers blowing in the wind right outside their lots. These weird additions create customer curiosity, which in turn can create retention. So go ahead and stick a giant rubber banana to the top of your sidewalk sign, or decorate your sign in hot neon colors. These additions will make your business stand out by being 'the one with the...' out front. You get the gist.

A custom sidewalk sign is an excellent way to promote your business and the many products you have for sale. Include call-to-action verbiage, quirky add-ons, and even your contact information, and your business will reach many more people. 

Contact a local outlet, such as Signs In One Day, for further assistance.