Hanging Your Banner Outside? Factors to Consider

3 November 2015
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If you are creating a banner to hang outside to announce your business or event, you need to think carefully about all the elements of your banner if you want it to work effectively. Here are a few factors that you need to consider when creating and ordering a banner to be used outside:

Use the Right Ink

Make sure to use high-quality ink on your banner. Make sure that you use bold colors that will be easy to read from a distance; don't use light-colored ink tones.

Next, since your banner will be hanging outside and exposed to the sun, make sure that you use ink that is UV resistant. UV-resistant ink will not fade as quickly as regular ink in the sunshine.

Invest In Custom Graphics

Don't use simple graphics for your outdoor banner. If you want your sign to stand out and draw people to your store or event, you need to invest in eye-catching graphics that effectively convey your message and draw customers in.

Boring, bold fonts will feel old and dated; make sure you invest in something more modern and fetching.

Add Rivets

In order to be able to hang up your banner in multiple places, make sure that you add rivets to your sign. Rivets allow you to hang up your sign using string. This can be convenient when you need to hang up your banner between two poles or between two other objects.

Add Slits

You should also have slits added to your banner. Slits will allow wind to blow through your banner without ripping it. If you don't add slits to the sign and it gets really windy, the wind could rip your banner and bring it down. Having your sign maker add slits will ensure your sign stays safe no matter how the weather changes.

Make It Thick

Finally, you will be able to choose from various levels of thickness for your banner material. You should go with the thickest level available for the type of material you want to use. That way, you can ensure that your sign will hold up to any weather that comes its way.

If you plan on investing in a banner to be used outside at multiple events or for an extended period of time, make sure that the message is well crafted and that banner has all the necessary extras to withstand all sorts of weather.