Three Tips For Deciding On An Image To Go With Your Neon Sign

26 October 2015
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While the luminosity and general attractiveness of neon signs make them an easy option to consider for almost any business, deciding on an image to go with text can be a difficult task. If you don't have a mascot or a product and brand that's clearly more popular than everything else you sell, there are a lot of at least partially viable options out there. Use these three tips to help you with deciding on an image to go with your neon sign.

Look At All The Business Sign Images Around Your Building

Whatever image you choose, it's important to get something that's as unique as possible to your business's general area. If you decide to include a couple of palm trees in your image and a business just a block down the road also has palm trees, it'll be much harder to stand out.

Spend at least an hour or so walking around your business and taking photos of all the business signs you can see. Of all the image ideas you're considering, give special weight to the ones that don't have equivalents in any of the photos you take.

Consider How Much Time You Have For Sign Cleaning And Maintenance

The larger of a sign you get, the more time and money you'll have to spend on cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, if you're almost always a very busy person, it doesn't make much sense to get an extremely large neon sign with a complicated image of a seahorse or saxophone.

Instead, if you get an image at all to go with your sign's text, choose something simple like a beer can or a piece of fruit like an apple or orange. This way, you'll also have more freedom to put the image between the words and letters in your sign text, increasing your options and making it easier for a sign designer to make something unique.

Decide If You Want To Adopt A Mascot

While putting a business mascot on your neon sign is often the easiest way to stand out, it isn't a good idea to create an entirely new mascot just for the purpose of a sign. To be truly effective, the mascot should be present on everything from your letterhead to your employee uniforms. If this isn't the case, no one will be able to make a logical connection between the text of the sign and the image, decreasing the chance that anyone will care about your business more than competitors.

When you're deciding whether to adopt a mascot for your sign, make sure you keep all the extra effort it'll take in mind. Contact a company like Sierra Signs & Service, Inc. for more information.