Five Fonts That Will Really Grab Customer Attention When Used on Your Banners

31 March 2015
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When designing banners to advertise their businesses, many people place a lot of emphasis on color choice and word choice. There's another element to consider when designing a banner—font. The right font can really grab your customers' attention and draw them into your place of business. Here's a look at five attention-grabbing fonts to consider for your banners.


Nevis is a clear, concise sans-serif font that looks great both in all-caps and in lowercase. Sans-serif means that it lacks the short lines seen at the tops and bottoms of letters in some fonts. Nevis' letter are very simple with a slightly rounded, soft appearance, so they'd be great for advertising a business such as a nail salon, boutique, or florist—where you want to capture customer attention, but not necessarily seem "loud" or boisterous.


The narrow letters of Gnuolane give it a very professional appearance. It has a classic look, but is simple enough to be used on banners and advertisements, making it a very common choice among marketers. Gnuolane is perfect for businesses such as lawyers' offices, accounting firms and real estate agencies, who want to maintain a high-class image.

Fertigo Pro

If your business has a bit of an artistic, creative element, consider using Fertigo Pro on your banners. It has a big, bold look and simple letter designs, but the slight curvature of the letters and simple flourishes at the bases of letters like "h" and "t" add an artistic touch. Fertigo would be a good choice for advertising a salon, music store, boutique jewelry shop, or art supply store.

League Gothic

League Gothic practically screams "look at me, I'm tough." This bold font is very "straight up and down," and is used by many sports teams, so it may instantly remind you of sports. It is easy to read from a distance and great for sporting goods stores, hunting shops, mens' apparel stores, and other businesses that want to make a bold, no-backing-down statement to their customers.

Old Sans Black

If you need to include more than a few words of text on your sign, consider using Old Sans Black, which is very readable in lowercase script, thanks to the even spacing between letters. This very simple, classic font may remind you of the script you learned to write in elementary school. It does not make any emotional or powerful suggestions, making it a good neutral choice for most any business' banner.

When working with your sign company (such as Burchette Sign Corporation) to design your banners, make sure you spend a few minutes considering different font choices. All of the fonts above are bold and readable enough to be used on advertising banners. You just have to pick the one that creates the right impression for customers.