Design A Headstone Monument For The Recently Departed

29 December 2022
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Designing a headstone monument is an act of love that will ultimately provide future generations with a display that can be used when honoring a family member who passed away many decades ago. Choosing a hardy material and the signage placement are two of the main things to consider when designing a unique memorial.

Stone Types

Granite is a common stone that is displayed in cemeteries. It is resistant to weathering and can be polished or left unpolished. This type of stone can also have a protective coat added to it. This type of paint will provide a granite stone with a distinct color. Bronze is another popular headstone type. It is resilient to rust. It can, however, become discolored from moisture and temperature fluctuations. As a result, bronze monuments may require more upkeep than granite ones.

Limestone and marble are two other headstone choices that are durable and attractive. Before you order a stone, you will need to decide where your loved one will be laid to rest. A cemetery will likely have rules that must be followed concerning the type of headstone monument that is allowed to be displayed.

There may be restrictions imposed that will limit how large a stone can be. If a memorial will be set up on a private lot, there may not be strict guidelines to follow. An online monument design tool can help you choose how wording and other types of signage will look on various stone types and shapes.

Signage That Will Customize A Stone

Fancy script, print, block lettering, and bold lettering can be etched into a stone or added to a plaque that will be secured to the front or top of a headstone monument. The placement of a plaque will likely be dependent upon the stone product that is purchased. For instance, a stone that has a low profile will be designed to rest flat on the ground. This type of headstone monument will require that signage is added to the top of it.

Some stones are designed with unique shapes. A large memorial that will be for a family or a couple may necessitate the use of multiple etchings or plaques that are each commemorative of one of the people who have passed. Pictures can also be added to a headstone. A headstone artist can add a representation of a loved one or can add another type of drawing to a stone.

For more information about headstone monuments, contact a local company.