4 Holly Jolly Vehicle Wrap Designs For Food Delivery Cars

3 November 2015
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Delivering food is not just a great way to reach current customers, but it gives your business a chance to constantly advertise on the open road. Along with the delivery light on top of a car, you can enhance your delivery vehicles with wraps. As the holiday season approaches, there are many ways to turn a vehicle wrap into one that represents the holiday season. As you consider different vehicle wrap options, consider the following four ways to infuse holiday designs. It can help showcase your restaurant and draw extra attention for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a whole lot more.

Holiday Specials

As the holidays approach, your restaurant may have a number of special meals and dinners. Showcase these specialties in a high quality wrap design. For example, many restaurants have a turkey special around Thanksgiving. You can highlight large turkey images on the front and side of the car. A number of websites offer free food stock images so you can find pictures that look similar to your menu offerings. Adding your promotional pricing can draw even more attention to the vehicle wrap and your restaurant.

It's also a good time to cater to any holiday platters or catering that you offer. Large sections of the wrap can feature platters, event promotion, and details on catering. Keep things simple by listing a phone number or website on the wrap design.

Winter Wonderland

The side of a food delivery vehicle is like a giant canvas that is just waiting to be covered. Draw some festive attention to your vehicle with a wrap that features a winter wonderland. Mounds of snow, falling flakes, and covered trees are a just a few of the design elements that can be used as part of the winter wonderland.

To make the design apply to your restaurant, you can showcase various creatures and people enjoying the food. For example, if you own a pizza restaurant, the winter wonderland design can feature a snowman holding or eating a large slice. A child in winter gear can be enjoying one of your restaurant desserts.

Gift Card Promotions

The holiday season is a great time to promote gift card sales for your restaurant. Help promote the sale of these cards by using vehicle wrap designs. Gift card images can be placed on the hood and sides of a food delivery vehicle. Add an extra holiday touch to the design by featuring ribbons, wrapping paper, and bow pictures near the gift card designs.

Santa's Sleigh

Draw in the attention of children and parents by using a vehicle wrap to transform the car into a design that looks similar to Santa's sleigh. The side wraps can feature a carved wood design that is similar to Santa's sleigh.

In the back of the sleigh, you can feature an illustration of Santa's large bag. Instead of featuring presents in the bag, you can showcase popular foods and beverages from your restaurant. For example, if you own a Mexican restaurant, the bag can be filled with tacos, nachos, and burritos.

When the vehicles are not in use, you can park them in front of your restaurant for extra advertising and promotion. It can help draw in customers that choose to eat inside the restaurant.

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